About Me

My image making is driven by how we all together create our shared and perceived (objective) and personal (subjective) reality. We mostly use sight to bring it all to life and how, by our own human scale/size, we measure and engage with the universe we encounter and create out there and intuit the equally vast/tiny universe within. So now, even at the sub atomic level, we are 'creating/realizing' particles of matter by our measurement of them (‘The universe in a grain of sand, heaven in a wild flower’ – William Blake). The ancient Greeks also knew this as 'Pneuma' realizing that everything out there is Concious, but not quite articulating that it is our Human Conciousness that makes it so by our sensing, knowing and feeling it/us. 

I seem to identify most closely with the lovers of old english landscape as spiritual home’ along with Samuel Palmer,’The Ancients’ and lately, Pastoralists, Neo Romantics, Ruralists and metaphysical musings under long lived Oak Trees.

The Carvings, constructions and modelling are mostly celebrating our human form as itself and as landscape. I have used Clay, Paper Clay, Cement Fondue, Bronze, Wood and recently, Stone. Most are sold, given, lost and unrecorded (image archives lost in a fire) 

Too many showings of my work in London and Brighton since the nineties to list here, so this site is an idication of my work over fifty years.

Most works that remain are shown here and several are available to buy either as original works or Gicklee prints, or quality digital prints at any size required including Greetings cards.

Please contact me by email; max.brownrigg@hotmail.co.uk to engage with me if you wish, always happy to hear from you out there, or is it in there!

 The 'Improvisms' Collages are expressions of the poignant Human Condition and/or cheeky fun but to be taken very seriously!